New Curve Mop; Shaped Design provides Unmatched Speed & Ease for Cleaning

Cleaning or Dancing?… What would you prefer?


Montreal, QC – Cleaning has got to be on the top 10 most “unwanted list” of things to do! That’s why companies are always trying to find ways to make the task easier and faster. The fact is you would be surprised most people truly don’t know the correct way to mop a floor. Using a mop with a short handle and small cleaning surface area, pushing it forwards and backwards is an inefficient and time consuming use of anyone’s energy. Professionals and people in the know understand that to efficiently and effectively mop a floor means starting at the far end of the room and using a side to side arcing motion, cleaning as you exit; leaving the room fresh and free of footprints or dirt.

So the question becomes… How do you teach people in general the best and effortless way to mop? The answer?…. YOU DON’T !!!

… You don’t teach people how to change their habits! You create and offer them a tool that is mechanically designed to promote, guide and enhance the desired motion.

Tremor’s Curve Mop; features a Rotating Ball Handle, Unique Patented Shaped Stem and Inverted Curved Base that work in unison to bring you a tool that is virtually on auto-pilot. Your hands and wrists barely move while “The Curve Mop” with choices of washable microfiber pads effortlessly glides from side to side beneath you. It truly feels like dancing!

Come see & feel for yourself how the curve mop performs! Visit us at The National Hardware Show Las Vegas May 5th – 7th 2015, Booth # 6332

Rediscover Cleaning, Tremor; The wave of innovation!

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